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collectif 80|20

Events by and for women in the LGBTQ + community in the Eastern Townships

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There were no events for lesbian, gay, bisexual or Queer women in Sherbrooke... So the Collectif 80|20 decided to take things in hand!


The Pareto Principle, by and for women, became a reality somewhere under the sun in 2017.


The Collectif 80|20's mission is to offer spaces that gather women from the LGBTQ + community, by organizing and promoting socio-cultural or sporting events in the Eastern Township region. Our goal is simple: create exclusive, accessible and memorable events.


Exclusive events for and by LGBTQ+ women in the Eastern Townships


Socio-cultural and sporting events

to break isolation


New people

New spaces

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A big thank you to our partners and generous donors, without whom the Collective 80 | 20 could not to realize its mission.

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